Rose Swirl set

Rose Swirl set

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"Rose Swirl Set"⁣

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Everything is interconnected. ⁣

Countless things happening in any given moment can feel dizzying. More stimuli is coming towards us than ever before, and it can be hard to track. ⁣

There always comes a time when the swirling chaos before us begins to take form, and seemingly disconnected ideas, moments, events, and experiences begin to COALESCE. ⁣

Once these things did not seem connected yet if you let them they can reveal their shared story, forming a picture we could not have predicted but suddenly makes perfect sense. ⁣

COALESCE is the swelling anticipation before consummation and clarity. ⁣

COALESCE is the forming focal point that brings everything together if we are patient⁣

COALESCE is an invitation to find the center inside of ourselves, observe what is happening around us with curiosity, and SURRENDER into what the cosmic mystery will reveal if we empty our egos are open to the messages. ⁣