Scaling Down Scaling Up set

Scaling Down Scaling Up set

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This set "Scaling Back and.Scaling Up" contains our sold out #OHMpersist bead, #TAOsuperimpose bead, #Ohmcoalesce⁣ and OHM surrender⁣

Each bead is one of a kind and handmade. ⁣ Once they are gone they are gone!⁣

Oblivion offers this bead in glass as a symbol of persistence. Layers upon layer of glass represents generations of persistence. Glass is sand that has been subjected to extreme conditions and has reformed. It is neither liquid nor fully solid, but as an amorphous union it settles somewhere between these two states of matter. When you feel stuck, fixed, unchanging, may PERSIST be a reminder to persevere through extreme circumstances to become something of substance. ⁣

I offer you SUPERIMPOSE as a talisman, reminder and invitation to stay present, to take all of the time necessary to understand individual elements as they are. Once we have gained this mastery, we can SUPERIMPOSE wisely to create something new that retains the essential elements of what has come before, and transform it into something more. ⁣

COALESCE is an invitation to find the center inside of ourselves, observe what is happening around us with curiosity, and SURRENDER into what the cosmic mystery will reveal if we empty our egos are open to the messages.⁣

SURRENDER reminds us that sometimes our greatest strength is knowing when to let go - and then actually doing so. Sometimes the only way to change our circumstances is to release the illusions we are familiar with and allow the vast intelligence of the flow of life to work its magic on us. Surrender is not submitting and giving up, it is about releasing our ego and expectations to allow ourselves to be shown a bigger picture.⁣
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