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The Art Oblivion

The sparkling beast within set

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New sets available!⁣

"The sparkling beast within"⁣

2 #TAOroar and 1 #TAOunveil⁣

Available only at⁣

We are being called, do you hear it?⁣

We are being called to dive deep into the Ocean of ourselves, ⁣
into the silence and solitude found leagues below, ⁣
outside of the influence of others,⁣
rise with the swelling tides of our truth with a ROAR to the shore!⁣

We are being called⁣
To cultivate compassion and care ⁣
And protect all that is vulnerable ⁣
Loudly and Proudly⁣
With a ROAR!⁣

We are being called ⁣
To RESIST systems that do not have the  best interests of humanity in mind⁣
To ROAR for what is just and right, not for some, but for all.⁣

I offer ROAR as a talisman, invitation, and reminder to find your voice and use it! To offer you ROAR loudly and with your own fierce flair, these times need you!⁣

We are all so very brave. ⁣

Choosing to say yes to life is an incredible act of bravery, and choosing to put ourselves out there in our unique self-expression is an additional layer of courage. ⁣

Every day we get to choose what we reveal, and stepping into the dance where we shed layer after layer of our veils is the deliciously tantalizing spice of life! ⁣

I offer UNVEIL as a visual reminder and talisman to support us in appreciating the bravery we have already shown through offering our unique self-expression, and as an invitation to reveal other essential aspects of our beings when we are ready. There is so much to learn about ourselves, and the world around us, when we UNVEIL ourselves. Life changes in unexpected and furthering ways the more we show ourselves in our unveiled naked power and vulnerability. Prepare to be surprised! ⁣

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