Collection: The Oblivion

Hello friends!

I welcome you with gratitude into my rEVOLution and virtual coffeehouse: The Oblivion

(love of coffee is not required to hang!)


Coffeehouses began as popular meeting places where people gathered to drink coffee, have conversations, play board games, listen to stories, enjoy music, and discuss news and politics. They became known as "schools of wisdom" for the type of clientele they attracted with their free and frank discourse.

I am a Gender Queer shapeshifting creator who is looking for you to invest in MY school of wisdom, buy me a coffee, and help me revolutionize what self-healing work can look like as we take back coffeehouse culture!

I yearn to create more nuanced electronic community connections in this world of quick soundbytes, cryptic context social media broadcasting, cancel culture, and binary thinking. Maybe you are too?

This house will evolve, as we all do. The content and perks may change; I will be adding more for sure! I offer an intimate view in the form of writing, visual art, music, videos, and community collaborations. There will be several projects that stem from this community collaboration, and as I publish work that this Patreon inspires, you will be credited as part of its creation!

I am stepping away from mass-market social media and social service work in a way that will allow me some time to heal. Supporting The Oblivion is a way to assist me in that endeavor. Thank you! 

How it all works:

From Amanda Fucking Palmer: "...basically: you give your credit card # (or paypal, or apply-pay) and you're charged the amount you choose the same time every month to support me and my general art-making undertakings…

... a great platform for organizing this concept, including the huge advantage that patrons on a budget (who can only afford $5 per month) don't have to worry about getting charged too much, whereas people with a lot to give are also welcome to support, without expecting huge amounts of time-sinking rewards which drain energy from the artist."


For people who want to: 

  • Show tangible support for Oblio's creative endeavors
  • Receive artful tools from Oblio to access your insights
  • Dive in together more intimately with Oblio
  • Support curating community connection
  • Support healing work
  • Be the proud backer of a GenderQueer transgender artist thriving rather than just surviving!

About Oblio:

Blending has never been an option. "I have always been out. My GIVEN name is Oblio, and people have questioned my identity since I was in utero. Oblio? A boy, a girl, a family name? What nationality? No one just lets an Oblio in under the radar. There is always detainment, always further investigation, always deeper engagement. I am always prodded to "come out" through inquiry or demand, to translate what being an Oblio means."

Oblio: (v.) queer, gender queer, transgender, shape-shifter, activist, non-monogamous, unicorn, boi-grrl, Empress, smut peddler, sex educator, Scorpio, professional, mother, dancer, DJ, musician, clown, drag artist, maker, writer, lover, cuddler, artist, human, superhero, Jew, whale, rabbit, teacher, student, fierce, vulnerable, space holder, relationship therapist, high-school drop-out, M.Ed, Bostonian, Oregonian, scientist, scholar, translator...

I am a verb, and grateful is my adverb.

~ Oblio