The Art Oblivion

In this fast paced world full of distraction, it is easy for us to lose consciousness. We often become oblivious to our authentic soul calling. We forget that we belong to something much bigger. 

All we are and all we have is consciousness. Lose consciousness and, as far as we are concerned, our own self and the entire world dissolve into nothingness.

The Art Oblivion is a way for personal talismans to support us in staying attuned to the intentions we set when we are most conscious. Oblivion offers symbols as tools to help us ground and focus on the things that truly matter. Oblivion art keeps us from falling into a hypnotic trance of modern life, reminding us that we are an essential part of an interdependent system that we impact with our every action/inaction, keeping us in compassion for ourselves and all living things.

Oblivion art conveys aspects of our deepest most conscious selves to the beings we encounter without words, attracting our allies toward us so that we can make the most fulfilling use of our incredibly precious time.