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“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” - Julia Cameron

When we surrender we are taken to places we have not chosen on our own. We are taken to places that we never knew were possible.

Surrendering opens us up to new potential. When we surrender we can begin to see new possibilities within old perimeters. When we will find beauty in what “is” we free ourselves from the need to try and control our wild life.

“Surrender is surrender to this moment, not to a story through which you interpret this moment and then try to resign yourself to it.” - Eckhart Tolle

SURRENDER reminds us that sometimes our greatest strength is knowing when to let go - and then actually doing so. Sometimes the only way to change our circumstances is to release the illusions we are familiar with and allow the vast intelligence of the flow of life to work its magic on us. Surrender is not submitting and giving up, it is about releasing our ego and expectations to allow ourselves to be shown a bigger picture.