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Oblivion Beads

Surf - TAO Glass

Surf - TAO Glass

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For 10 days I had the luxury of sitting on a lanai in Hawaii watching the surfers relate to the Ocean. Most of their time was spent floating, talking with friends and/or watching the dolphins who seemed to be watching them with equal curiosity.

I observed the surfers conserving their energies until it was time to take action - when  the right wave for THEM swelled up behind them and they focused all of their energy and attention to catching the momentum. To even be in the water requires a trust of body and mind to know what to do as a force MUCH bigger than ourselves moves us along from “here” to “there”. 

I offer you SURF as a talisman and invitation for us to DELVE into deep relationship with ourselves so we can SURRENDER into the trust that our bodies and minds are prepared to navigate wherever the waves may toss us. That while the “only” constant is change, the only constant relationship we have from womb to tomb is the relationship with ourselves. It is up to only us to BREATHE and cultivate the depth of relationship required to surf the crests and troughs of life’s waves. Wear SURF as a reminder of this intention.

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