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The Art Oblivion

PERSIST Original Collage Art Print 8 X 10

PERSIST Original Collage Art Print 8 X 10

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On this #ohmrelease day, I am launching #oblivionart first art series.

This series accompanies and compliements the first 6 beads offered by The Art Oblivion.

Pictured below is original collage art by Oblio Z Stroyman that corresponds to the bead "Persist." Each high quality 8x10 framable print is hand numbered and signed. They are $20 alone or $15 with a bead order andoffered exclusively at

Layer upon layer, Generation upon generation, we PERSIST.

In compassion and reverence for what has come before, while swimming towards the surface for a deep breath of fresh future, we PERSIST.

We are interconnected, past, present and future, and we PERSIST.

Over half of our body composition is water. We cannot live without water. Life sprung from it and persists to this day. It is what continues to sustain us.

Our breath is the Ocean, swelling and retreating. Our lives are flowing water swirling and moving along a path - obstructed we persist - life always finds a way.

Our emotional landscape is expressed through water. Tears of joy and sadness, the sweat of our labor and stress, layer upon layer, generation upon generation, we release the water from our bodies to the collective stream of humanity and we persist.

Oblivion offered the PERSIST glass bead as a symbol of persistence. Layers upon layer of glass represents generations of persistence. Glass is sand that has been subjected to extreme conditions and has reformed. It is neither liquid nor fully solid, but as an amorphous union it settles somewhere between these two states of matter. When you feel stuck, fixed, unchanging, may PERSIST be a reminder to persevere through extreme circumstances to become something of substance.

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