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Oblivion Beads

Shine - TAO Glass

Shine - TAO Glass

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I keep a lamp over you, glowing in my heart

To keep from tripping over troublesome thoughts in the dark

We ain't that different, we huddle underneath the same stars

I see who you really are...

Like the sun to the moon, I'll send my love and light
A love like ours, it'll fill the whole sky

I will shine on you 

-Jason Mraz inspired by Rumi


The only way to overcome the challenges of humanity is through


The only way through is for ALL of us to SHINE our most honest, vulnerable, messy, brilliant, raw and brave selves  together - illuminating humanity’s shadows to see what needs collective clearing. 


May we SHINE our cooperative light into the nooks and crannies of what we have compartmentalized, ignored and forgotten, so that it may be healed. 


At our core we are all vulnerable in the same ways. We all need food, water, air, protection from the elements, companionship, and something to pour our love into. When these needs are met for some but not all, we are divided.


May we learn to see and hear one another from this compassionate place. May we SHINE in our collective vulnerability together,  “filling the whole sky” with a brilliant love that outshines our fear. May we create a paradigm where all of our needs are met, where we survive and thrive, where our interconnectedness is held with tender reverence and attention to detail. 


I offer you SHINE as a talisman and reminder that in each moment there is a truth being revealed, and in each moment we have a choice how to engage with what is being brought to light.


 I invite you to turn your SHINE on. 

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